Best Blogging Platforms


The Best blogging platform is the one that is easy to use, set up, and doesn’t require any coding skills.

Features of the Best Blogging Platforms?

Most popular free blogging platform powering more than 43% of websites. Best for beginners who wants full control over their websites.


Famous for its drag and drop website builders which makes it simple and easy to use for beginners


All in one blogging platform developed by HubSpot.

CMS Hub 

Loaded with tons of marketing tools the platform is best for marketers

Easy to use blogging platform is best for small business owners


It offers e-commerce integration, drag and drop interface along with variety of pre designed templates

Best for writers who wants to share their stories. Free to use but don’t offer website customization


Free blogging platform by Google. Easy to use and manage but with limited customization options


A microblogging platform with social networking features. Simple and easy to use but with limited set of features


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