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SEMrush free trial is a golden opportunity to build a winning blogging strategy for free and rank your blog posts higher in SERPs. In this post, I will share how you can get a 7-day free trial of SEMrush to grow your blog traffic without spending a penny.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is the ultimate tool for all your SEO needs. Trusted by over 6 million users around the world, SEMrush analyzes 18.8 billion keywords and 717 million domains to provide the best data for SEO and SEM.

What are the benefits of SEMrush?

SEMrush helps you find the most profitable keyword ideas, get more traffic to your website, and ultimately make more money.

SEMrush tells you where you are at present as a blogger or internet marketer and what you need to reach where you want to be.

There is huge competition in the field of blogging and digital marketing. If you do not gather in-depth data and properly analyze the market and its competition you’ll never know where all your efforts are going.

It is like shooting the target in the dark where chances to succeed are very few.

That is where SEMrush comes in.

SEMrush being the number one digital marketing tool in the market offers a lot of features that you can use to grow your online business (blog or any other internet-based business). 

SEMrush Free Account Features

However, the list of SEMrush features is pervasive; here I’ll mention some of the most popular features that you need to explore while using the free version of SEMrush.

Here are some of the features of SEMrush free account:

1. Domain Overview

This SEMrush feature allows you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. SEMrush domain overview feature helps you get insights into the traffic sources, top content, and backlink profiles of your competitors.

2. Keyword Research

This feature of is super awesome. it helps you find the most profitable keywords that have low competition. You can use these keywords to build your most profitable SEO or PPC campaign. The higher you rank on SERPs the more money you make.

3. Site Audit

Before you compete with your competitors, you must first check your own site if there is an error with it or not. With the SEMrush site audit, you can scan your website to find dangerous technical and SEO issues that you need to fix.

It will check your website loading speed, crawlability, content issues, internal linking issues, and many more. Once you find the issues you can fix them and be prepared to compete with your competitors.

4. Competitor keyword research

This is a great feature of that allows you to spy on your competitor’s keyword data. You can easily check all the keywords your competitor is ranking for in search results.

5. Competitor backlink analysis

This feature of SEMrush helps you find all those sites from where your competitor is getting backlinks. Knowing the competitor’s keyword and backlink strategy is like winning the half-game without even showing your cards.

Additional Features of SEMrush

  • Domain vs Domain: Here you can compare your domain with your competitor’s domain for keywords, backlinks, and many more.
  • Position tracking: SEMrush position tracking tool helps you track the position of those keywords that you’re working on. It is very important to know where your keywords are ranking on SERPs. You can also check your competitor’s rank for the same keywords. This helps you build a strategy to beat your competitors.

What is SEMrush free trial?

SEMrush free trial is basically an opportunity either for those who can’t afford the paid version of SEMrush but want to get high-quality insider data or for those who want to take a test drive before making a final purchase decision.

So, if you want to know how to use SEMrush for free, keep reading the article.

How To Use SEMrush Free Trial To Speed Up Your Blog Growth

If you’re a beginner blogger or internet marketer you might be on a tight budget. I can understand, how hard it is to invest in something when you’re not making money from any source.

So I have a strategy that you can use to get the most out of this 7 day SEMrush free trial and grow your blog or marketing agency.


To open a free SEMrush account and take a free SEMrush trial, go to Semrush to create your account. You can Signup SEMrush either with a Google account or using your Email. Semrush account opening is necessary to learn by doing yourself.

Step 1: Usage of Domain Analytics Tool During SEMrush Free Trial

Start with the domain analytics tools of SEMrush and keep a track of all the data you get.

The SEMrush organic tool will help you find out what keywords are working for your competitor and how much traffic they are bringing.

You must know how to use SEMrush organic tool to spy on your competitor’s keywords so that you can use their secrets to build a great strategy for your site.

Step 2: Finding Golden Keywords with SEMrush Free Trial

The next step is to head over to the Keyword Analytics Tool. Here you can search your keyword ideas to find out if they are worth competing with or not.

This tool will give you an overview of the keywords that you want to rank for.

It will tell you how many people are searching for the keyword (s) and in which countries it is being searched the most.

If you find the keyword interesting, you can further explore more keyword ideas around your main keyword.

For example, you want to target the keyword “make money blogging” and write an awesome article around it. You go to the keyword overview and find data something like this in the below screenshot.

SEMrush keyword overview

You will also find an overview of many keyword variations and related questions around this main keyword.

SEMrush keyword variation

To further explore the keyword go to SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool. This is really a magic tool to find low-competition keywords with high-profit potential.

Whether you want to run a PPC campaign or want to organically rank on SERP ranking, this tool will help you dig through the real data and find the perfect keywords for you. 

There are various factors that you need to keep in mind like search volume, trend, competition, and so on while searching the keywords.

Using this tool you can explore different keywords to find your main keyword or other keywords that can support your main keyword. 

STEP 3 of Utilizing SEMrush Free Trial: Finding The Gap?

With SEMrush free version, you can know about the gap between you and your competitor through the Gap analysis tool.

Use this tool to compare your website with your competitor’s website for the keyword gap and backlink gap analysis.

Using SEMrush Free Trial Strategy

When you get the data on the keyword gap and backlink gap, now is the time to strengthen the strategy to beat your competitors.

  1. Note all the keywords that you think are worth competing for
  2. Find more keyword variations of the main keyword to use in the article
  3. Create content better than everyone else by targeting these keywords
  4. Create better backlinks than your competitors
  5. See your blog traffic growing magically

Exploring SEMrush during the free trial period is totally up to you.

However, I recommend finding at least 10 topic ideas and keywords for getting the best results.

Use the topic research tool, domain comparison tool, and keyword research tool to find super-profitable keywords with low competition.

You do not need to start writing content while using the free trial.

Just focus on finding as much of the best insider data as possible.

FAQs about SEMrush Free Trial

How to get a free trial of SEMrush?

Go to the SEMrush website, signup to create an account, and get a free trial of SEMrush. To activate Semrush free trial and create your SEMrush account you need to provide your billing information and address.

How do I get a SEMrush free trial without credit card?

Are you looking for SEMrush free trial without a credit card? Well, you’ll be disappointed to know that there is no such facility till now. For getting a free trial of SEMrush, you have to provide your credit card or other billing details.

Can I cancel SEMrush free trial?

Yes. You can cancel your SEMrush free trial anytime you want without any hassle.

How can I cancel SEMrush free trial?

The SEMrush cancellation policy is very simple and the cancellation process is quite easy. Anytime you found that you no more want to use this free trial for any reason, you can choose to cancel the free trial.

You have to send them a cancellation request by email to [email protected] from your registered email address.

What if I forget to cancel the free trial?

Even if you forget to cancel the free trial of SEMrush, you don’t need to worry at all. SEMrush has a very good refund policy subject to fulfilling their terms of service

When you do not cancel the free trial, you will be charged as per the plan you were using. But don’t panic, your money is safe.

SEMrush offers a 7-day money-back guarantee to its users. All you need to do is send them a written request for a refund.

Is SEMrush useful for me?

SEMrush is super useful for anyone who wants to grow as a blogger or as an internet marketer. As I said earlier if you try to hit the target in the dark you’ll have a very low probability to succeed.

In order to have success in your online business, you need to make plans and build powerful strategies. To accomplish these goals, you definitely need a power-packed tool and SEMrush is the best among all.

What is the best alternative to SEMrush?

There are many SEMrush alternatives in the market like Ahrefs, SpyFu, Moz, and Serpstat. To answer which one is the best SEMrush alternative, I’ll go with Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Vs SEMrush – which is better and why?

Without any doubt, SEMrush is the winner. The reason why SEMrush is better than Ahrefs is that SEMrush provides a lot more data with much more accuracy than Ahrefs.

Ahrefs was started with a focus on backlink building and now they are getting into full SEO.  On the other hand, SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit with more experience that offers 40+ awesome tools to meet your needs.

How much does SEMrush cost?

The cost of SEMrush varies with the plans it offers. If you look at the SEMrush plan and pricing model, you’ll find that the SEMrush Pro plan comes for $99.95 per month, for the SEMrush Guru plan you have to pay $199.95 every month and the SEMrush business plan costs $399.95 per month.

Which SEMrush plan should you choose?

The selection of the right SEMrush plan totally depends on your needs.

  • If you’re a freelancer, a blogger, or a startup marketer with a low budget, you should probably go for the SEMrush Pro plan.
  • If you’re someone who runs a small and medium-sized business or a growing marketing agency, the Guru plan of SEMrush is for you.
  • SEMrush business plan is perfect for big online businesses and agencies.

How Long is SEMrush Free Trial Validity?

SEMrush has free trials with different validity periods like Semrush 30 days free trial, Semrush 14 day free trial, and Semrush 7 days free trial.

Wrapping Up SEMrush Free Trial

Instead of doing hard work, it is better to do smart work.

Your competitor has already done the hard work by finding the best keywords and backlinks. It’s time to scan their strategy, see what’s working for them, and replicate it on your site by creating better content and backlinks. 

If you’re just starting or stuck in the middle, this is a great opportunity to kickstart your online business.

Cheers to your Success!

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