How To Come Up With A Good Blog Name [Awesome Blog Name Ideas]

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Struggling to come up with good blog name ideas?

If you’re about to start a blog you will probably be thinking, what should my blog name be?

You can name your blog whatever you want. But is it as simple as it looks?

No. Naming a blog is certainly not that easy.

Beginner bloggers often make a mistake by picking a blog name in a hurry. After a few months of blogging, they realize that there is something wrong with their blog name. Either they don’t want to continue blogging in the same niche or the blog name is not good for branding.

A blog name, however, does not make the blog successful. But picking a good blog name can be a plus point for building a successful blogging career.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for blog names, don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

In this article, I will share with you the best ways to come up with blog name ideas, tips for selecting a good blog name along with blog name examples.

So, Let’s start.


11 Best Ways To Come Up With Good Blog Name Ideas

Choosing the best blog name is possible only if you have different options. For that, you need various methods to develop ideas for blog names. You have to go through each of them and pick a blog name that describes your blog perfectly.

So, here are the 11 ways to come up with a blog name.

1. Research Your Niche

Understanding your niche is very important for choosing a blog name. You need to understand what things are working in your niche and what is not.

Find out what people are looking for in your niche.  How popular blogs are branding themselves? Is there any pattern in the popular blog names in your niche? Try to decode them.

Now that you have researched your niche deeply, the next step is to understand your goals. What you want to accomplish. What is your purpose for being in that niche? How are you going to make a difference in your niche?

This approach will help you come up with unique blog name ideas. You can also use the main keyword for naming the blog.

Blog name examples Targeting a niche:

BloggingWizard (Blogging)

Niche Hacks (Niche)

2. Know Your Target Audience

Your blog will be a success if you are able to connect with your target audience. They are potential readers of your blog.

You need to understand them as much as possible. What they are looking for? Or, what are their problems? What is their age group? Whether your potential readers come from the young generation or middle-aged or older people. Are they male or female? You need to clearly understand their demographics.

A great way to understand your audience is to get in touch with them. Before naming your blog, find your target audience on social media platforms and talk to them. Join groups and forums where they are looking for solutions.

Facebook groups are very popular nowadays. These groups have thousands of members in them. You can use them to know your target audience.

You know what you’re blogging about and what your target audience is looking for. Now, you can easily come up with a perfect blog name that satisfies both.

Blog name examples targeting audience:

Startamomblog (A blog inspiring moms to start a blog)

The Write Practice (A blog for writers)

3. Try Alliteration

If you want to find an interesting and catchy blog name, you can try alliteration. Alliteration occurs when we use the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent words. 

Even big businesses use this approach for naming purposes.

For Example Coca Cola, Dunkin’s Donuts, American Airlines, and PayPal to name a few.

Popular blogs that are using alliteration in their blog names are Making Sense of Cents (Personal Finance), Cat who Code (Web Development), and Savouring Simplicity (Lifestyle).

Alliteration creates a rhyming effect. This makes the blog name very attractive, magnetic, and memorable.

You can use this technique to come up with great blog names.

4. Use Abbreviations

You might come up with a good blog name. But, when you check for its availability, you may not get it. Because the blog name may be already taken.

Another situation.

You found a good name for the blog but the name is too long.

If you’re stuck and unable to choose the blog name due to these situations, you can consider going for abbreviations.

Using abbreviations is a great way to find a good blog name. Not only in these situations but you can use this blog naming technique in normal situations also.

The abbreviated blog name looks cool, beautiful, and catchy. 

Think about what it would be like to say Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth instead of Google.

So, if you want to get easy-to-remember catchy blog names, use abbreviations. 

5. Get Brilliant Blog Name Ideas From Competitors

Competitor analysis is very popular in blogging. Whether you’re looking for the best keywords for ranking or deciding on a blog name, analyzing your competitors is always a good idea.

Your competitors who are already doing great in the niche, have put a lot of effort to reach there. You will not copy them exactly but you can get the best ideas from them.

For example, popular blog names in the tech niche are Techcrunch, Techradar, and Techvibes.

They are using their niche i.e. Tech at the beginning of their blog names and then adding a relevant word.

This makes it super easy to find ideas for blog names.

6. Use A Blog Name Generator

The blog name generator is a great way to generate tons of good blog name ideas.

Simply put the keyword (s) that you want to include in your blog name and submit.

The blog name generator will show you the best blog name recommendations. This is one of the best ways to pick a blog name.

Nameboy blog name generator

A few popular free blog name generators are:

Nameboy: One of the oldest blog name generator 

NameMesh: One of the most popular free blog name generator

Lean Domain Search: Simple and easy to use online blog name finder

If you don’t want to brainstorm yourself, you can put a free online blog name generator at work. 

7. Use Thesaurus To Pick A Catchy Blog Name

Every time you try to find one-word blog names, you will be disappointed. They are not at all available or rarely available.

Most of the one-word blog names are already taken. Even two-word blog names are difficult to find.

So here comes the tool that people are using for years to understand the words.

Thesaurus. It is one of the most popular tools used for naming a blog.


Thesaurus gives you many ideas for blog names. It shows the synonyms of your search term. If your blog name is not available, still you can come up with awesome blog name alternatives.

Thesaurus is available both online and offline. You can use it at your convenience. I like to use it online because it is very easy to use.

8. Pen And Paper Approach

This is probably one of the oldest methods to decide on a blog name. You can write down ideas for blog names, coming in mind, and then choose the best among them.

Here you need to use your imagination and brainstorm the best blog name ideas. Think about all those words that are closely related to your niche.

Write down all funny words, inspirational words, catchy words, creative words, actionable words, and so on that strike your mind. Then make different combinations of them. Make sure to check the blog domain name availability.

9. Try Another Language

If you are unable to find a good blog name in your own language, you can consider trying another language. Using a different language for naming the blog is another way of coming up with interesting blog name ideas.

Some words that may sound normal in your language can be very interesting or catchy in another language. You can use Spanish or Italian or French or Hindi or any other language. This would be fun choosing a blog name.

10. Play With Words

Playing with words is a fun way to get creative blog names. You can exploit the multiple meanings of a word to generate great blog name ideas. This is called making a pun.

Many bloggers use this blog naming technique. The names that come up from puns are generally attention-grabbing. They stop the readers for a few moments to think about the blog name. This helps you pick a memorable blog name.

For example, Fit Bottomed Girls, a blog on health and fitness.

11. Use Your Own Name

The last method for choosing a blog name is selecting a blog name with your own name.

People often ask, should I name my blog after myself?

Of course, you should.

This is a great idea and you don’t have to spend much time finding a blog name.

But, naming a blog after yourself has its own pros and cons.

By using your own name, you can establish yourself as a brand (For Example, Neil Patel). It also allows you to work in any niche you want.

But getting a blog name with your own name is not that easy. Almost every name is already registered on the internet. It is possible only if your name is very unique or you’re very lucky.

Also, if you want to focus on a micro-niche, this may not be a good idea for you. It will be difficult to understand the niche from the blog name.

These are some of the best ways to come up with blog names. If you use even a few of them, you will get tons of ideas for good blog names.

5+ Tips For Picking A Perfect Blog Name

You have to choose a blog name that is most relevant to your blog. But, how to come up with the perfect blog name?

Here are the most useful tips for choosing the best blog name.

1. Keep it as short as possible

Shorter the blog name, the better it is. A short blog name looks more beautiful. Also, it is easier to remember a short blog name than a longer one. The blog name you choose is going to be your brand. It should stick to your reader’s minds. A short blog name can help you with this.

2. Make it easy

Pick a blog name that is easy to read, easy to write, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce.

The more friendly your blog name would be, the more readers it will attract.

3. Come up with a flexible blog name

You may be excited about choosing a blog name you like today. But, what if a few years later you want to change the blog topic? What if you want to talk about more topics in your same blog.

Can you change the blog topic later?

Yes, you can, if you have a flexible blog name. This allows you to make a few changes without affecting the blog.

So the trick here is to choose a blog name that covers a slightly wider niche.

4. Don’t use numbers

Avoid usage of numbers in your blog name. Sometimes they are misleading. They make confusion when people search for your blog name. This can cost you the loss of high-value traffic and ultimately the money. It also affects your branding efforts.

5. It should pass the phone test

The blog name you choose should pass the phone test. This means that if you tell your blog name to someone, they should be able to type the name without asking you to spell it.

Your blog name ultimately becomes your domain name and the URL.

For example, My blog name is “Plant More Money” and the blog URL is (Domain Name).

Bonus Tips

“Take a Break”

Coming up with an awesome blog name is not an easy task. It takes some time and patience.

When you desperately search for a cool blog name, brainstorming day and night, your mind stops working. This happened to me when I was selecting a blog name for myself.

Taking a break is one of the best tips for picking a blog name. Get a cup of coffee for yourself. Go out for a walk. Talk to your friends, your family. Enjoy nature.

Once you feel refreshed, then come back and start the quest again. This is a clever way to come up with a unique blog name.

“Make sure the blog name is available on social media platforms”

Before finally deciding on a good blog name, make sure to check if the blog name is available on most social media platforms or not?

You don’t want a blog name that you can not promote on social media as one brand. 

You are here to make money. If you want to make a career in blogging, branding is very important.

You need to think of long-term opportunities in blogging and consider blogging as a business. 

You should consider these tips and tricks to name your blog. These are the best practices for naming a blog.

List of Blog Name Examples (For Getting Ideas)

Naming a Lifestyle blog (Examples)

  1. A cup of Jo
  2. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine
  3. Better Living
  4. The Skinny Confidential
  5. Wellness Mama

Travel blog names

  1. Expert Vagabond
  2. The Blonde Abroad
  3. Nomadic Matt
  4. One Mile At A Time
  5. Solo Traveler World

Food blog names

  1. Pinch Of Yum
  2. Serious Eats
  3. Kitchn
  4. Sallys Baking Addiction
  5. Simply Recipes

Blog names for writers

  1. The Creative Penn
  2. Write To Done
  3. Writer’s Digest
  4. Goins Writer
  5. Courage To Create

Fashion Blog Names

  1. Fashion On Steroids
  2. My Style Journey
  3. Fashion Week Chic
  4. Goddess Of Trends
  5. Style Unplug

Cooking blog names

  1. Love And Lemons
  2. Eat Yourself Skinny
  3. Fit People Cookbook
  4. Sugar-Free Cook
  5. Cuisine Culture

Relationship Blog names

  1. Gottman Relationship
  2. Love And Life Toolbox
  3. The Art Of Love Podcast
  4. Relationship One

Examples of Personal Finance Blogs

  1. Smart Passive Income
  2. The Millennial Money Man
  3. The Penny Hoarder
  4. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  5. JagoInvestor

Final Words On Blog Name Ideas

This is how you can come up with a blog name that you won’t regret later. 

Choosing a blog name is important but not everything.

Remember, a memorable blog name can help you make a brand but the ultimate blogging success is determined by a lot of other factors. The most important of which is creating great content.

Beginner bloggers often make the mistake of spending a lot of time selecting a perfect blog name. You can always rebrand it later.

So, go through different ways to name a blog and pick the right blog name without wasting much time on it.

Good blog names are rarely available as most of them are already taken.

If you have found one, go grab the free domain name with Bluehost web hosting purchase before someone else takes it.

You can help someone struggling to come up with a good blog name, by sharing the post with them.



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