How to Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job Online and Offline

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Are you a teenager who is looking for ideas to make money without a job? Have you ever thought of earning money as a side hustle to get extra cash? Are you a teenage hustler who wants to know how to make money as a teenager without a job?

If yes, then this post will definitely help you.

Teenagers have a lot of dreams in their eyes. They want to hang out with friends, watch a movie, eat pizza and burgers, get the latest iPhone, video game, or gaming laptop, and do almost everything.

I know you as a teenager also have many plans but your pocket money might not be enough for all this, right? So why don’t you learn, how to make money as a teenager without a job quickly and easily to fulfill your dreams?

how to make money as a teenager

You don’t need to grow older to start earning money. There are tons of money-making ideas for earning money as a teenager without getting a job.

Based on my personal experience, how I used to make money as a teen, and how teens around me earn money online or offline, I have listed down the best ways to make real money as a teenager.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How to make money as a teenager quickly and easily?
  • Best ways to make money as a teenager
  • How to make money as a teenager without working?
  • How to make money as a teenager at home?
  • What is the fastest way to make money as a teenager?
  • How could a teenager earn money online?

What are the benefits of earning money as a teenager?

Before we start learning about the best ways to make money without a job as a teenager, let’s first learn, how can earning money as a teenager can benefit you.

Here are 9 reasons why it is a good idea for teens to start side hustles:

  1. Understand the importance and value of money
  2. Make extra money and buy things your parents can’t afford
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Help parents by paying for your tuition fees
  5. Learn time management
  6. Get prepared for real world
  7. Be self-dependent
  8. Save for futures
  9. Invest to grow money

Ready to learn, how to make money as a teenager?

Let’s start.

How to make money as a teenager without a job?

It doesn’t matter whether you are from India, the US, the UK, South Africa, the Philippines, Australia, Nigeria, or any other country, these methods are universally available for every teen to earn money online and offline. That’s one thing. The other thing is your age. Whether you’re 13,14,15,16,17, or 18, you’re eligible for most of them.

If you’re wondering how to make money as a teenager at home, or how to make money on the side as a teenager, continue reading.

Here are some of the best ways to make money as a teenager:

How to earn money online from home as a teenager

Let’s see how to make money as a teenager on the internet.

1. Take online surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online for teenagers.  Sign up with a genuine survey site, start sharing your views, and get paid. It is as simple as that.

With paid online surveys, you can start making money online without investment. Taking online surveys will take only 5 to 10 minutes. This is a good option to earn money for teens with no experience.

2. Start a blog

One of the most popular ways to make money online for teens is by starting a blog on WordPress.  Creating a blog is simple and easy. This method of making money online is so popular that many millennials are choosing it as their full-time career.

All you need to do is to buy a domain name and cheap web hosting from Bluehost. With Bluehost, you can start a blog from scratch for only $2.95 per month and get a free domain name for the first year.

3. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is growing very fast and so are the opportunities to make money with YouTube. Being the second most visited website that is used by 81% of internet users in the world, YouTube is a goldmine.

By starting a youtube channel young people can not only start earning today but also create an online asset for the future. Who knows when this side hustle for teens turns into a full-time profitable business and makes millions for you.

4. Tutor younger kids

Are you good at studies, have the subject knowledge, and have the capability of explaining things in an easy manner? If yes, then tutoring younger kids can be a great option for earning easy money as a teenager online and offline.

However most websites look for persons above 18 for tutoring, there are many online options for teens to become online tutors. The best places to start a tutoring gig are on Fiverr and finding a tutor job for teens on Indeed. People are willing to pay anywhere between $14 to $30 per hour on Indeed.

5. Video editing

Many teenagers are into youtube video creation nowadays but not everyone can do everything. Editing videos for YouTubers is one of the tasks that you can do to make money as a teenager online.

If you’re good at it you can use this skill to earn a decent amount. Even if you don’t know how to edit videos, you can learn video editing from YouTube or Udemy and then make money online without a job as a teenager.

6. Video Games

Teenagers are crazy about video games (almost everyone). So it is a great idea for teens to make money online from home. Participating in gaming tournaments, video streaming on twitch, video streaming on youtube, and playing video games to accompanying someone online are some of the cool ideas for earning money online as a teenager.

 7. Freelancer

Do you have any skills that can be beneficial for someone? If yes, then why not earn money with your skills as a teenager. You can monetize your skills by becoming a teenage freelancer on platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

There are tons of options for teens to make money online without a job like a teenage programmer, teenage photographer, teenage writer, teenage voice-over artist, and many more.

8. Instagram influencer

The young generation is quite active on social media platforms like Instagram. If you have a good following or you know how to increase your following then you can make money on Instagram as a teenager.

You can start earning on Instagram by becoming an Instagram influencer and can get paid for posting content. Sponsors pay for putting sponsored posts on your Instagram account if you have a good following.

9. Make money on GPT sites

GPT sites refer to Get Paid To sites. They offer a variety of opportunities at one place to make money like filling out paid surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, and many more.

These sites help you make money online without a credit card by completing some easy tasks. Even I made my first $50 online through the GPT site ySense which used to be Clixsense back then.

You can make some quick bucks with GPT sites but it will not make you a millionaire. So join one or two genuine GPT sites and perform the tasks only when you have nothing to do.

10. Create and sell videos

This idea of creating and selling videos came into my cousin’s mind. He is doing this as a side hustle along with his school studies. Basically, he is creating a video game YouTube channel and uploading the recordings of the games that he plays online. Once his channel starts getting subscribers and views he sells it to his friends. He also creates videos and then sells them to his friends.

Fun Part: Initially we thought he was stealing money from others to pay for his hobbies and for internet connection. But when he told us about his strategy to earn money online as a teenager then only we were relaxed and happy for him.

A lot of people want to start a Youtube channel and make quick bucks. But either they don’t have enough time to create the videos or due to procrastination, they fail to take the steps to get started. You can help these people as my cousin is doing.

You can start a youtube channel in any niche of your choice or a niche that is popular and make money from home in your teens. It doesn’t matter if you’re 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18, if you can create videos, you’re good to go.

11. Earn money as an amazon associate

Amazon Associates is an amazon affiliate program where you can become an affiliate and start promoting the products listed on the Amazon website. Since Amazon is a well-known platform you as a hustler teenager can easily start earning online with amazon affiliate marketing.

12. Help people with technology

The younger generation is tech-friendly. But older people often suffer when it comes to using technology like operating smartphones, laptops, or computers. As a teenager, you can use this opportunity to teach technology to older people and get paid.

13. Develop Mobile Apps

If you’re good at coding then you can make money as a teenager by developing mobile apps. The app you will develop must be useful and helpful to people. You can make a lot of money as a teenager by becoming a mobile application developer.

If you don’t know how to develop apps you can learn it online. There are a lot of videos on youtube that teach how to create mobile applications. Online courses on Udemy are also a good place to learn app-developing skills. 

14. Create and sell Art

If you have artistic skills, it’s time to create your masterpiece and sell it. You can sell your art both online and offline. Nowadays you can make an Instagram page, display your art there and put your contact details in your bio to sell them. If someone likes your art they can buy it from you. Thus you can make money as a teenager without a job by creating and selling your artwork.

15. Enter the competition

Another way to make money as a teenager without working is to enter competitions that offer prizes as money. You can participate in your school competition, college competition, state level, national level, or world level competitions based on your ability and win prize money.

How to make money as a teenager without a job offline

Money-making opportunities for teenagers are not only available online but there is a lot of scope in offline space also. Here are some of the easy ways to make money as a teenager without getting a job.

16. Car wash in the neighborhood

If you really want to make money then washing cars can be an easy way to earn money as a teenager. You can get enough money from your neighbors to meet your small expenses. I have seen teens washing cars to support their families after school.

People are busy these days and do not have enough time to clean their cars on daily basis. You can make a deal with a few of your neighbors for cleaning or washing their car on a daily basis in exchange for some money. It will be a win-win situation for both parties as they will get a clean car every day and you will get some quick bucks.

17. Part-time Helper in local business

Local businesses are always in need of some helpers. You can easily find such businesses in your locality by looking at the notice outside the shops or offices. If you don’t see such notices then you can directly ask the business owners if they need any part-time helpers or not. This is an easy way for teenagers to make money without getting a job.

18. Babysitting

Love kids? Do you enjoy spending time with kids? If yes, then babysitting is a great way to earn extra cash on the side. Babysitting is basically taking care of kids in absence of their parents.

When parents go out for dinner or shopping or for watching movies, or for any other work it becomes difficult for them to handle their kids. They want someone to look after their kids at home. You can contact such parents and make money while playing with kids.

Babysitting opportunities are available both online and offline.

19. Pet sitting

Just like babysitting pet sitting is yet another way for teens to make money. If you’re a dog lover or cat lover you can make quick cash as a teenager while playing with these pets. It’s a fun way for an animal lover to make money without doing much effort.

20. Dog walker

Taking dogs out for a walk is also a fun way for dog lovers to earn some quick bucks. You can easily find such gigs in your neighborhood. This way a teen can make money while doing his evening walk or morning walk. All you need to do is to keep the dog with you and not let them run far away or bite someone.

21. Lawn cleaner

As a teenager, you can help your neighbors by cleaning their lawns and can earn extra cash. Cleaning a lawn does not take much time and you get paid easily. All you need to do is to remove the trash and broken branches, rake up leaves and debris, and do some pruning work.

22. Sell your old books

Once you complete your one grade and move to the next, you don’t need your old books. Do you really want to keep them in the corner of your room with no purpose?

Instead of keeping them in your store room and letting them consume your room space, it’s a good idea to sell these books to someone who needs them and make easy cash.

23. Sell stuff at school

One of my friends used to buy a pencil pack that had one extra pencil in it and sells them at school to other students thus making some profits. You can also sell stuff at school that students need and make money as a student without a job.

24. Help in household cleaning

If your parents have money but they don’t give you much so that you don’t get spoiled, you can help them with little household work like cleaning and ask for some compensation. This will be a win-win situation for both. They will happily give you money and their work will be reduced.

25. Look for season-specific Work

The different season offers different work opportunities. In summer you can work as a summer camp counselor, get a part-time job at a local pool or nearby beach, etc. While during winter, snow clearing, removing ice from cars, and selling hot beverages can be great options to earn money as a teenager.


How can a teenager make $1000?

So you want to know how to make $1000 as a teenager? Well, there are many ways to earn $1000, $2000, $3000, or even more money as a teenager. The best ways include starting a niche blogging site, becoming a YouTuber, selling your skills online by creating online courses, working as a freelancer, and doing affiliate marketing. You don’t need to start hustling in every field to earn $1000 as a teenager. Each of these methods has the potential to earn tons of money. You can choose only one among these best ways based on your choice and start working.

How to make money as a teenager without a credit card?

Most of the ideas I have shared don’t require a credit card to start earning as a teenager. If you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use your credit card, no worries. You still can make money without a credit card. Working online as a YouTuber, freelancer, affiliate marketer, etc., or doing any offline job like a babysitter, dog walker, tutor, etc. does not require a credit card. So you have tons of options to make money as a teenager without a credit card.

how to make money as a teenager without working?

To make money as a teenager without working you need to create different streams of passive income. Some of the best ways for teens to make money without working is to promote affiliate products with recurring commissions, start blogging, and create evergreen YouTube Videos.

How to make money as a teenager: Conclusion

Money-making opportunities are everywhere. As a teenage hustler, you need to see around and identify them. The 25 easy ways to make money as a teenager listed above are great ideas to start your side hustle.

The best methods for a teenager to earn money today and also create a path for the future includes starting a blog, creating a youtube channel, doing affiliate marketing, and mastering a skill.

The early you start the more you experience, the more you learn, and the much more you earn. So choose the method that best suits you and start earning money as a teenager.