How To Start Blogging As A Career (Things You Need To Know)

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Thinking of starting blogging as a career? Well, that’s a great idea. Getting into professional blogging can help you achieve your dream of working as your own boss.

Yes, Working As Your Own Boss.

You can work from anywhere and everywhere, whenever you want. How cool is that? You only need a laptop and an internet connection. I think that’s what everyone wants their work to be like.

If you want to start blogging and make a career in it, you have come to the right place.

Blogging As A Career in 2023 and Beyond


blogging as a career

A career in blogging can be easily started by creating a WordPress blog. There is no rocket science behind it. If you’re a beginner, I have written a detailed guide on how to start your own blog to make money from it. You can read it anytime if you want to get step-by-step guidance on creating your blog.

In this article, I will explain the things you need to know to make a career in blogging.

Blogging Career Challenges

Pursuing blogging as a career option is not a big deal. The big deal is to continue blogging successfully. You will have to face a lot of challenges in your blogging journey. There will be ups and downs in the process and you have to be mentally prepared for that.

Challenges in a blogging career start from the very beginning of the blogging journey. From knowing how to start a blog, how to write content, and how to keep writing good content that your readers will love. 

That’s not all. There will be times when you will feel demotivated due to a lack of traffic on your blog, not getting sales, and many more. You need to be aware of such a situation in advance. Your ability to stay positive and fight these situations to overcome them will help you earn money in a blogging career.

That’s why you need to know a few important things before choosing blogging as your career option.

Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Career in Blogging

Blogging offers a lot of opportunities to make money online.  If you’re a part-time blogger who is blogging for extra cash or as a hobby, you need to consider taking blogging as a full-time career. But before that, you need to know this.

#1 Blogging Requires Patience

Before starting a career in blogging, you need to know that blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take time to get the desired results. This can demotivate you but this is the hard truth about blogging. You have to work hard and have patience.

At every stage of your blogging journey, you will feel like giving up. So, you need to train your brain to handle these situations. To make blogging a full-time career and make money out of it, you will have to be patient. Bloggers who will show patience will win the game, make a successful career in blogging, and the rest will disappear.

#2 Be Aware Of Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

Shiny object syndrome is a very common problem in blogging. What happens here is that you find a new niche interesting every other day and move to that.

For example, When you see that a particular blogger is making good money & getting good traffic in a fitness niche, you shift to that niche. A few days later you see another blogger in a different niche, let’s say tech niche,  making good money and now you want to shift to that niche.

This process keeps on repeating and distracting you from your goal. This is a very big problem.

This condition is similar to a dog chasing the light. So, be aware of getting yourself into this trap of SOS and be focused on your own niche.

#3 Consistency is the Key

Finding the right niche for blogging and expecting good results after writing a few articles is not enough to succeed in blogging. Here your patience only will not do any wonders for you.

To be successful in blogging, you need to keep writing and publishing good content for your readers. It is not necessary that you write one blog post every single day. Writing 2-3 articles a week is also not necessary.  However, if you could, it will be great.

You need to make a schedule for publishing your content. If you can publish only one article every week, that’s ok, but you have to publish it without fail. This way your readers will know when you’re gonna publish your new post and readers will be waiting for your next post. This gets more engagement on your blog which is a direct factor for ranking on Google.

If you don’t publish content regularly, it will harm your blog in two ways.

First, your readers will think that you are not serious about your blog, so why will they?

Second, even if a few of them really like your content and want to read more articles from you, they will forget you due to your non-consistency. This is because there are tons of bloggers out there providing content on the same topic. As soon as you give them a chance, they will get ahead of you and steal your readers.

So, make sure to be consistent in providing useful content to your readers.

#4 The Desire To Learn And Adapt

If you’re a person who is not willing to develop new skills and learn more things, a blogging career is not for you. For making a career in blogging, you need to learn writing skills, copywriting, SEO, marketing, and a bunch of other things.

Even after that, things keep on changing every day. So, you need to stay updated with what is happening in your industry. What things are working and what are not?

You might have heard about companies like Kodak and Nokia. The companies which were once the market leaders in their fields are now nowhere. Do you know why? Because they failed to learn and adopt new technology in the market. To take blogging as a career option, you should be very clear about this thing.

A blogging career is only for those who are ready to learn new skills and adapt them to their blogging business.

#5 Consider Blogging As A Business

You might have started blogging as a hobby or part-time profession to make a side income. That’s ok or I would say, that’s good because you have started blogging.

But you need to understand that now you are choosing blogging as a career. This means that blogging will be the source of your bread and butter. You can not take it lightly.

So, instead of calling it simply blogging, you should start considering it as a business. The blogging business.

Once you start considering blogging as a business, you will be more serious, focused, and determined about blogging.

The reason why most bloggers fail to make money out of blogging is that they don’t take blogging as a business. These are those people who then say that blogging is no more relevant that blogging is dying in the years to come or there is no scope in blogging.

Till now blogging might be a side hustle for you. Forget that.

From today onwards I want you to consider blogging as a business (If you want to make real money from blogging) and work on it that way.

#6 Be Prepared To Make Small Investment

Starting a  blogging career from scratch is like building a real business from zero. Every business (online or offline) needs an initial investment to startThere are two types of investment you’ll need to make in the blogging business.

One is mandatory and the other is non-mandatory but recommended.

Mandatory Investment in blogging is to buy a domain name and good web hosting. You can’t start your professional blogging career without this.

Non-mandatory but recommended investment in blogging is for buying the premium theme and plugins. You can also invest money in content writing and marketing in later stages when you’ll start earning money from blogging.

The great thing about blogging is that this business can be started with a very low investment (almost zero in comparison to physical business).

I recommend Bluehost to start your blogging career because it is the best web hosting even recommended by WordPress and you can save money by getting a free domain name with web hosting.

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FAQs About Blogging Career

Is blogging a good career option?

Blogging is probably one of the best career options for making money online. This is because you can work from anywhere at your own convenience. This is not a location-specific business. You can have enough time to spend with your family and friends while earning your living. A career in blogging can make you 10 times more money than your regular 9-5 job. Top Indian blogger Harsh Agarwal is earning more than $40,000 per month from his popular blog Shoutmeloud.

How much money can you make from a blog?

Blogging has huge potential to make money. A blog can be monetized in a number of ways from running Ads to affiliate marketing to selling merchandise and many more. You can start earning $3000-$5000 after 10-12 months of dedicated work. 

Is it hard to be a blogger?

Becoming a blogger is not at all hard. All you need to do is purchase a domain name & hosting and start publishing content. However, becoming a blogger with a successful career in blogging is quite difficult. You need the right knowledge to start blogging as a career and run it successfully throughout. You will need to keep learning, implementing, and experimenting.

What is the future of blogging?

I have seen people often asking this question, what is the future of blogging? That’s a very relevant question. Especially when you’re starting a career in blogging, you probably should know the answer.

With the spread of digitalization around the world, people are consuming more content online than ever before. For every query we have in our mind, the first guide we approach is Google (search engine). This clearly indicates that the future of blogging is very bright.

Can blogging be a full-time career?

Yes. blogging can definitely be a full-time career. I see lots of people around me who are working full-time on their blogs and making a very good income. Many people are starting blogging as a part-time profession and later on quitting their main job to get into full-time blogging.

Is it good to quit a job for blogging?

It depends. Whether quitting your 9-5 job for making a career in blogging is a good decision or not? This is a question whose answer lies in a few other counter questions like how many blogging career skills have you learned?

How much time and money you are giving or willing to invest in blogging? And, are a lot of other things that make the exact answer to this question very complicated.

I suggest quitting the job for blogging only after you regularly start earning at least 3-5 times the monthly salary of your 9-5 job. If you want to quit the job before that and take a risk, make sure that you have enough bank balance to sustain the next 6-12 months without earning a penny.

Starting Blogging as a Career: Conclusion

Choosing blogging as a career option could be your best decision ever. Isn’t it great to create a source of income where you can earn money from home?

A blogging career is very lucrative and rewarding. You should definitely create a blog and start your side hustle. But yes it is true that you can’t leave your present job right now. Take blogging as a full-time career only after you start earning a regular income from your blog.

So what are you waiting for? Just launch your blog with Bluehost and create a new source of income.