Hi! I’m Yash Pal from plantmoremoney.com. Thanks for stopping by.

One fine day in 2018 I saw a video of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki (Author @ Rich Dad Poor Dad) on YouTube. The video was about passive income and making money with no money.

I was so influenced by his ideas about money and passive income that I started searching for different ways to create passive income. Thanks to YouTube and Google, I found a number of ways to create passive income and make money online from home.

I started this blog to share my experiences and learnings so that you too can make and grow money. If you want to make money online, subscribe to plantmoremoney.com, and learn to earn money online from home.

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About Author


Yash Pal who owns plantmoremoney.com is a banker by profession and a blogger by passion.

He has been sharing tips and tricks to start a successful blog from scratch and make it a source of passive income.

His basic idea about starting a passive income-generating side hustle is to sow the seeds of financial freedom.